in time

I sat at a small white table on Monday night, half a dozen of sheets of paper in front of me, a pen in my hand and a young, fierce woman across from me, watching as a punched in numbers into my calculator, sighed, scratched out numbers and filled in totals. I handed it to … Continue reading in time

slow going

For two weeks now, I’ve been waking up to a room swamped in clothes and boxes. The room is taking time, time, time to put together. I’ve got packages, some waiting to be open, some on their way. I landed in this room with a fury, restless to turn it into the home I’ve been … Continue reading slow going


I opened two plastic bins this morning, bins I had packed four months ago when leaving Crown Heights. I stood there staring down at them, all sorts of unexpected feelings rushing into my head.¬†I stared at that pink¬†sweater with a broken draw string; that bag I never used; that box with a gold lid that … Continue reading pivot