nov 19

Originally written Nov. 6 after arriving in Providence, R.I. The 5th came after six weeks of waiting. I picked the day in my calendar at a coffee shop while Hannah was sleeping. Not really sure why it was the 5th, but knew I couldn’t stay a day longer. I counted all the twenties I had saved … Continue reading nov 19

nov. 18

It is Friday. I make myself eggs. I read seven verses from Ephesians and confess I don’t have energy for virtue today. It’s a day for one-line prayers, for washing the dishes absurdly fast, for stumbling downtown where I pick up my friend and point the car to the East Side. We’re alright. She’s alright, … Continue reading nov. 18

nov. 16

I am watching leaves fall from the tree in our backyard, listening to the fish tank hum and churn, holding a cup of coffee. This quiet is a new kind of presence. It was not long ago that silence like this would have bent me from the inside out. Not long ago that I would have writhed … Continue reading nov. 16

nov. 2

The room on its own is modest, features faded wooden floor panels, water-stained tables shoved into corners, an unused fireplace, and unremarkable curtains. Strangers drop in like middle schoolers at a birthday party, timid, opting for the edges of the wall where they sip at their glasses and sneak glances at each other. They don’t notice, at first, the five men at the front who beam secret smiles at each other and grasp their instruments. Then like a summer storm, the music begins and the room lights up. More strangers slide inside, flocking to the beat like moths to light on a southern summer night.

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