jan. 27

The ocean, on some days, lives in the bottom of my stomach. I wish I could cup it with my two hands and cast it away, maybe down the kitchen sink or the tub or the toilet. This heaviness is a reminder that healing takes time. I thought I was over that. Thought I had written … Continue reading jan. 27

CNSDR 01.25

This was an exciting week! I had an article published on Verily Magazine about Jacobs in which I use the word “spirited” more times than I care to admit, integrate a Beyoncé lyric and mention that one time Jane got herself arrested at a public meeting. An excerpt to tempt you: In her writings, Jacobs urged planners … Continue reading CNSDR 01.25

CNSDR 01.18

A few days ago, I made this recipe for dinner with a new friend. We also threw an avocado and chocolate in the blender and made the best desert a girl could ask for. Among many things, we discussed the intersection of Christian spirituality and creative work, considering this excerpt from Dallas Willard’s, Living in Christ’s … Continue reading CNSDR 01.18

jan. 8

Eight in the morning came and with it a few reminders. It was now 2017. I was back in Providence. I still needed to unpack my suitcase and do laundry. My stomach is heavy and I know it has to do with the text that came at midnight. I had been counting on that job … Continue reading jan. 8

dec. 31

It’s quarter to six and I’m impatient. We decided last minute that a party was in order so we made a list and piled groceries on the table. My hands smell like garlic and paprika. I’ve got almonds ready for toasting and bruschetta almost finished in the fridge. In a minute, I’ll cut up a … Continue reading dec. 31