a winter poem

I wrote this a few years ago, when I was living in Asheville. Still appropriate. Except my space heater just broke, so there’s that.¬† The mornings are slow and cold from a broken radiator. I am hesitant, more hesitant than I should be. Things are brighter now, brighter than they have been. I am learning, … Continue reading a winter poem

poco a poco

Today was a midwinter dream: 67 degrees. I parked the car at Roger Williams Park and tied the laces on my running shoes. The walk signal flashed and off I went, my first run in three months. Ten minutes in, I felt heavy, my breath felt strained, my body felt heavy. I slowed to a … Continue reading poco a poco

CNSDR 02.23

After two months of easy mornings full of reading, baking, and listening to podcasts, I’m learning to navigate the adventure that is working two jobs and writing on the side. My mornings and evenings are now a whirlwind of cooking, lunch-packing, smoothie-making,¬†email-reading, and pile-building. Because I am Queen of the pile. The book pile. The … Continue reading CNSDR 02.23

CNSDR 02.08

It snowed all weekend in Providence. I was also fighting a fever, which meant I spent most of the past three days puttering about in sweats, sleeping, trying to get the most out of my fourteen-day Fandor trial, writing emails, and catching up with paperwork. Today, I bundled up and went for a walk around … Continue reading CNSDR 02.08


Woke up Friday morning thinking of Brooklyn. Wanted nothing more than to slip into jeans and onto 5th avenue. Wanted to hear the rush of the traffic, the bits and pieces of strangers’ phone conversations. Wanted to see the funky outfits, the children rushing in nonlinear lines. Wanted to hear my stop on the train. … Continue reading seen

CNSDR 02.1

“Why are you here?” The question flew at me fast from across the room. I was sitting in a brown fold up chair, my hands clutching a black folder holding a resume and an application for an internship with the police department. I had just braved a forty minute drive through snow, slippery brakes, and … Continue reading CNSDR 02.1