CNSDR 03.23

Some mornings, I wake up inexplicably restless. My mind starts rambling before I’ve made it downstairs for eggs. Should I go to grad school? Am I being aggressive enough in my job search? Should I clean out my desk drawer? I keep moving. I shove a salad into a Tupperware, tie up my vans, and … Continue reading CNSDR 03.23

CNSDR 0307

Monday night, I came home from work and stumbled straight into the kitchen. I flipped on the light and opened the fridge, throwing ingredients frantically onto the counter. I was breaking all of my cooking rules: don’t cook when hungry, tired, in work clothes, or grumpy. I was all of the above. But I kept … Continue reading CNSDR 0307

CNSDR 02.23

After two months of easy mornings full of reading, baking, and listening to podcasts, I’m learning to navigate the adventure that is working two jobs and writing on the side. My mornings and evenings are now a whirlwind of cooking, lunch-packing, smoothie-making, email-reading, and pile-building. Because I am Queen of the pile. The book pile. The … Continue reading CNSDR 02.23

CNSDR 02.08

It snowed all weekend in Providence. I was also fighting a fever, which meant I spent most of the past three days puttering about in sweats, sleeping, trying to get the most out of my fourteen-day Fandor trial, writing emails, and catching up with paperwork. Today, I bundled up and went for a walk around … Continue reading CNSDR 02.08

CNSDR 02.1

“Why are you here?” The question flew at me fast from across the room. I was sitting in a brown fold up chair, my hands clutching a black folder holding a resume and an application for an internship with the police department. I had just braved a forty minute drive through snow, slippery brakes, and … Continue reading CNSDR 02.1

CNSDR 01.25

This was an exciting week! I had an article published on Verily Magazine about Jacobs in which I use the word “spirited” more times than I care to admit, integrate a Beyoncé lyric and mention that one time Jane got herself arrested at a public meeting. An excerpt to tempt you: In her writings, Jacobs urged planners … Continue reading CNSDR 01.25

CNSDR 01.18

A few days ago, I made this recipe for dinner with a new friend. We also threw an avocado and chocolate in the blender and made the best desert a girl could ask for. Among many things, we discussed the intersection of Christian spirituality and creative work, considering this excerpt from Dallas Willard’s, Living in Christ’s … Continue reading CNSDR 01.18