I was not built for mornings. The sun comes up and with a single turn of my head, I am at war. At war with the tasks that I did not finish last night. At war with the way my room does not face the sun. At war with my body. At war with my mind. … Continue reading mornings

Interview | Photographer Jacqueline Jones on finding her creative challenge

I have known Jacqueline since the eager days of fourth-grade. We’ve built a friendship over the past (almost two) decades through letters, road trips, gift packages, and the Internet. As fellow creatives, we’ve shared many thoughts about the ups and downs, joys and tensions of the creative life. I’ve always known Jacqueline as a writer … Continue reading Interview | Photographer Jacqueline Jones on finding her creative challenge

a winter poem

I wrote this a few years ago, when I was living in Asheville. Still appropriate. Except my space heater just broke, so there’s that.  The mornings are slow and cold from a broken radiator. I am hesitant, more hesitant than I should be. Things are brighter now, brighter than they have been. I am learning, … Continue reading a winter poem


Woke up Friday morning thinking of Brooklyn. Wanted nothing more than to slip into jeans and onto 5th avenue. Wanted to hear the rush of the traffic, the bits and pieces of strangers’ phone conversations. Wanted to see the funky outfits, the children rushing in nonlinear lines. Wanted to hear my stop on the train. … Continue reading seen

jan. 27

The ocean, on some days, lives in the bottom of my stomach. I wish I could cup it with my two hands and cast it away, maybe down the kitchen sink or the tub or the toilet. This heaviness is a reminder that healing takes time. I thought I was over that. Thought I had written … Continue reading jan. 27

jan. 8

Eight in the morning came and with it a few reminders. It was now 2017. I was back in Providence. I still needed to unpack my suitcase and do laundry. My stomach is heavy and I know it has to do with the text that came at midnight. I had been counting on that job … Continue reading jan. 8